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Month: February 2017

Why LED Lighting is the future for interiors

Why LED Lighting is the future for interiors

Why LED?

LED lighting has been on the up and coming for interior design for a while now. Whilst outdoor lighting has become predominantly LED – orientated, alongside solar powered alternatives, interior LED lighting has somewhat floundered behind. The positives of LED lighting for indoor spaces is astounding. Firstly, they save money on your monthly energy bills. This is due to the LED bulbs above all else. Thanks to their technology, LED bulbs use roughly 80% less energy than standard indoor lightbulbs. Can you imagine how much that will save you in the long run on your energy bills? They can also last for a number of years without having to be changed, think Nokia 3310, but in a bulb form. LED bulbs are extremely safe for young children as well, this is because they emit so little heat compared to their predecessors. With larger companies trying to switch to LED technology, such as IKEA, who made the switch last year, it’s no surprise that the concept of cheaper and safer lighting is catching on.

LED Inside Lighting

You may be thinking that LED lighting can be harsh and cold to look at when it comes to interior decorating. This really isn’t the case, and we urge you to look past this stigma. When LED bulb technology was first introduced, a lot of lighting did focus on the cold blue aesthetic. However, the tech has changed in a number of ways since then. Today, you can buy bulbs and lighting products in a range of different colours and styles. The benefits of having indoor lighting with LED technology really does trump the rest. Many designers today use the tech to highlight one area of the house, in the form of spotlights or decorative housings of the lights themselves. This is great if you would like to highlight areas of the kitchen, a focal point in the living room, or if you would like to have undercabinet lighting.


For many interior designers, LED lighting has been avoided at all cost. This was originally due to the lack of design and colour in LED lighting choices. This, of course, has become a thing of the past. LED lighting has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, with hundreds of new designs hitting the shelves at lower costs. The lighting fixture on the right can be bought on the First Lighting website. The heads are fully adjustable and can be moved specifically to your liking. The design is simple and elegant and would look beautiful with any modern furnishings in the home. We purchased this exquisite centre piece last week, and we can’t wait to put it up in our living room. We’ve chosen a dark grey theme with chrome accents, pretty sweet huh?

The First Lighting website is great for all kinds of LED lighting, not just indoor lighting. If you would rather stick to outdoor LED technology, that’s great! The company offer a range of styles for outdoor use. However, the tech out there today regarding LED lighting is astounding, and shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to redecorating your home.